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バイデン大統領は9月15日に、ロシアとの戦いを続けるウクライナを援助するために6億ドル(約840億円)の追加軍事支援をするよう指示した。これは「大統領安全支援基金」から資金を拠出し、国防総省が保管する装備品から送られる。これでロシアによる侵攻開始後、米国が行う援助総額は151億ドル(約2兆1,100億円)に達する。(U.S. President Joe Biden announced a new $600 million arms package to help the Ukrainian military battle Russia, a memo sent to the DOD. Biden authorized the assistance using his PDA, allowing the president to sanction the transfer of excess weapons from U.S. stocks. In total the U.S. has committed $15.1 billion in assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24. )


ジェームス・ウエブ宇宙望遠鏡(以後 [JWST] James Webb Space Telescopeと略称)が太陽を周回する軌道上の観測位置「ラグランジェ・L2点」に到着、観測を開始、NASAは7月12日に「最初の画像 (First Image)」を発表した。

(IWST was launched from French Guiana in 2021, and arrived L2 point on Sun circulating-orbit. NASA released JWST’s First Image of unseen Universe at July 12, 2022)


1. ナンシー・ペロシ米下院議長の台湾訪問に反発中国は弾道ミサイル演習を実施、うち5発が日本の排他的経済水域(EEZ)内に着弾
2. 8月8日-14日の間、日米豪韓加の5ヶ国海軍はハワイ周辺海域でミサイル警戒演習「パシフィック・ドラゴン22」を実施
3. 8月9日、沖縄周辺の海空域で航空自衛隊と米空軍は共同戦術訓練を実施
4. 8月1日-5日の間、中国海軍艦艇は尖閣諸島を含む我が国周辺海域で活発な活動
5. 8月20日及び21日、ロシア海軍艦隊がオホーツク海から日本海に向け航行
6. 8月21日-29日の間、グアム島周辺で日米豪韓加5ヶ国海軍と陸自水陸機動団及び米海兵隊・第3機動展開部隊が共同演習「パシフィック・バンガード22」を実施
(The military maneuvers by Russo-Chinese Forces around Japan’s Islands are active as previous month. Following six were noteworthy in August.
1. China kicks off large-scale war games in August 4th through 7th, intended to punish Taiwan for hosting US house speaker Nancy Pelosi. The exercises included ballistic missile live-fire drill into the sea off Taiwan, five of them hit Japanese EEZ.
2. Naval Forces from Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, U.S.A, and US Missile Defense Agency conducted Pacific Dragon 2022, air and missile defense exercise, from August 5-15, in Hawaii off the coast of Kauai.
3. Japan and US Air Forces, together with number of aircraft, played military drill in airspace near Okinawan Islands.
4. Chinese Naval vessels cruise around Japan’s Islands including Senkaku islands in Aug. 1st through 5th.
5. Large number of Russian Naval vessels sailed from sea of Okhotsk to sea of Japan.
6. Naval Forces of Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, and U.S.A. together with Japan’s Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade and US III Marine Expeditionary Force, sailed together to conduct war game, Pacific Vanguard 22, in Philippine sea.)




(When Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited London in May 5, held a summit meeting with UK’s PM Boris Johnson. In the meeting, both PMs shared the joint efforts of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) and to reach mutual understanding on the overall picture of the project within 2022. The FCAS could become the “cornerstone” of their bilateral relations.)


冬の天頂付近「オリオン座(Orion)」に見える赤色巨星「ベテルギウス(Betelgeuse)」の大減光が観測されたのは2019年10月、なぜ明るさがそれまでの1/3に減ったのか、天文学者達は研究を続けている。ハブル宇宙望遠鏡や他の天体望遠鏡の観測資料を調べて、減光の原因は、超巨大な「コロナ質量放出 (CME=coronal mass ejection)」、太陽から出る「CME」の4千億倍、であることを突き止めた。
(It’s been a few years since Betelgeuse significantly dimmed in the sky, and astronomers are still working what made the dim to one-third of its average brightness. Using the data obtained by Hubble Telescope and others, they have discovered, it was due to a gigantic corona mass ejection(CME) that released 400 billion times more materials than the sun eject.)



(Japan accelerates to get new long range stand-off cruise missile, being developed since 2021, the missile will range more than 1,000 km, possibly up to 1,500 km, covering most of the  Chinese coastal military bases from the west of Japan’s islands. The missile, named “Type 12 SSM Enhanced Capability”, will have stealthy fuselage, larger wing, new turbofan and modern tactical datalink system.)



(It’s has been almost 20 years since Concorde ended the last flight, since then have not bringing supersonic travel again. However, a supersonic airliner developer “Boom”, founded eight years ago, is taking some major leaps to make supersonic flying a reality again.)


1. ロシア艦隊、中国艦隊、相次いで日本周辺海域で軍事行動
2. 空自・米空軍、合わせて数十機が東シナ海を中心に共同演習(6月下旬から10日間)
3. 「ロナルド・レーガン」空母打撃群が南シナ海で演習
4. 中国無人攻撃機が宮古海峡を通過、台湾東岸沖からバシー海峡へ
5. 中国軍侵入に備え台湾が全国規模で大演習を実施
(The military maneuvers by Russo-Chinese Forces around Japan’s Islands are active as last June. Japan and Allies took counter measure against the threat. Following five were noteworthy in July.)
1. Russian and Chinese naval vessels cruise around Japanese island coordinated together.
2. Japan’s and US Air Forces, together with a large number of aircraft, conducted joint military drill in East China Sea for ten days.
3. USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group operates in South China Sea.
4. A Chinese unmanned air vehicle TB001 flew through the Miyako Strait.
5. Taiwan conducted nationwide military exercise to prevent the possible Chinese attack.